Friday, June 13, 2008

catching up on the old blog....

I think "time flies" is an understatement.
Time races by in my life. It ZOOMS by.
I haven't had time to blog since Monday and I just went thru some pics and realized I was behind on sharing a few.

So here goes.

Caroline and I attended a Mother/Daughter American Girl Tea at our new Barnes and Noble recently.
Here are a couple of pics. Her best friend Courtney went with her sister since Mom was busy.

Here we are on Mother's Day. I realized I never shared that and now it's Father's Day weekend!
One of my friends had a birthday recently and I wanted to make her something scrappy.
She is blessed financially and able to buy what she wants to I couldn't think of what to buy her.
I made her this little album out of a card from a Jenni kit and some goodies.
I got the idea from a baby kit that Jenni sells. I just changed the theme.

Basically you need some type of card and you fold it in half. This one is Anna Griffin.
Then you cut cardstock pages for the inside, staple them in and add journaling cards.
I thought she could take pics of her favorite things in life and add them and why she loves them.
I want to make myself a book like this and make pockets and put memorabilia in from daily life.
You know, receipts, tags, napkins, tickets, etc. A peek into the day to day paper trail.
Should I call it "Pieces of My Life?"

This is one of my favorite pics from the school year. It's all the Girl Scouts in our troop.
I am making a 12x12 Girl Scouts album. (I really am. I mean it!) I'm going to get this picture printed in 10x12 and use it as the last page for the Brownies tab. Fun, fun.

Hey....tomorrow is Friday the 13th! Creepy!!
Blog ya later gator.


Renee said...

C looks Bee-u-teeful in that first picture. Is she wearing make up? Her face looks perfect.

Can't wait to see the GS album and yes! time is flying by!

I'm sure your friend will love the album. I'm sure ANYONE would. Especially if their birthday is in August....

TracieClaiborne said...

No, she's not wearing makeup. She's just naturally bee-u-tifull. heehee

doris sander said...

great "snapshots" of your life.

your mother's day pic is beautiful. and you know i love the brownies shot. :D

your mini album is gorgeous. you're so clever! :D