Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hey there!!

Sorry I haven't blogged!
It was a crazy week last week and then this weekend, we lost our internet connection.
Got it fixed now. Thankfully! I was going batty without the internet.

So here's what's happening in my corner of the world.

We had like 5 birthdays in our circle of friends last week. Weird, huh?
Went to 3 parties in one week. Fun, but exhausting.
I have some fun pictures to share but they're still on my camera. All 300 of them.

I did manage to edit some and save some pictures to cd that I had been putting off.
When you have no internet connection, you have time to edit pictures. heehee
I have printed all my pictures through April and now I have May ready to print.
I'm gonna use my new handy-dandy Epson Picturemate.

Week before last week we went to the Zoo and loved every minute of it.
Here's my favorite pic of the day. (Click to enlarge.)
I think this is my favorite picture from this YEAR! Love it so much.

Just trying to catch up with life this week...tomorrow we're going to see a free movie.
Then we're heading to Scrappucino. They got in the new Creative Cafe and I must have it.
Then I have a baby shower tomorrow night.
Work Wednesday.
Clean Thursday.
Work Friday on a special project.

It's a very exciting life I lead. heehee

Hope you're doing well! Blog ya later gator!


Jill LaFaye said...

Scrappucino..I really need to check this place out..I haven't been there yet?

We need a good scrap book store in MJ or Hermitage.

Renee said...

Just saw her SKills comment...I love that sidebar thing! She's precious