Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a fun day

We had a fun day today.
I had to take my Mom downtown to an appointment.
Caroline and I ate at Baha Fresh while she was at the appt.
Regarding the guacamole, Caroline said...
I'd pay $100 for a cup of this stuff!

Hmmm...not sure if it was THAT good, but it did rock! :)

After the appointment, we showed my Mom the downtown library.
It was her first time there.
We showed her our favorite part - the Civil Rights Room.
It is this awesome room that has huge pictures up of a bunch of things
that happened here in Nashville during the Civil Rights movement.
There's a timeline, a room full of books about it and even a video.
Caroline knows all about the Civil Rights movement at age 8.
That makes me proud.
I didn't really know and understand it until I was grown.

After that, I went to Joann and looked for fabric to cover my dining room chairs.
I had a hard time finding a cherry red like I wanted but I think I got a good one.
I ended up getting samples so my friend, Jennifer, can help me choose.

Caroline was with my sister, so I took advantage of non-kid time and stopped by Michaels too.
I got the cutest Jolee's sticker.
It is a HUGE pumpkin full of Halloween candy. Perfect for a candy page. Yay!
I only have like 3 years worth of those to do. Maybe I'll do a combo page with all the years.
I also got a really great scarecrow for my porch, at Joann.
I know, it's the dead of Summer.
But it will seem like Fall in about 8 weeks and I'll put it out then.
Early Septemberish.
It was only $4.98. I couldn't resist! (He keeps scaring me when I walk in the kitchen.)

I just cleaned some walls with Magic Eraser and boy do I run thru those things fast!
Anyone else love Magic Eraser? I LOVE THEM. But they don't last long on flat paint.
I actually took a tiny spot of paint off of one wall. Ooops!

If anyone is interested, two of the Pastors I work for will be on TBN tomorrow night.
It's the Praise The Lord program at 9 pm. My Senior Pastor will give a short message.
Pastor Wess will sing. It's like his 4th time on tv in as many weeks.
He's burning it up right now! Thanks God!

Gotta run, gotta clean counters, vacuum the den, put away laundry and then sleep!


kristina proffitt said...

LOVE Magic Erasers!! :)
Have a great day, girl! Hugs!

Linda.B said...


I just love to read your blog. My favorite part is the Caroline Comments. She cracks me up. She is so wise for a 8 year old.

I have never used a Magic Eraser, but because you so highly recommend them, I will have to try it next time I clean, which will not be anytime soon!

I really appreciate your blog! I also love reading about your church.

Linda B.