Friday, July 04, 2008

hey guys!

Sorry my blog has been severely neglected.
Mike has been on vacation this week and we are painting our shutters.
I thought it would be a one day job.
Turns out they need 3 coats! Yikes.
It's already taken 2 days and we'll be working on it a couple more.

I'll post an after picture when I get the landscaping done.
I'm hiring that out.
We're painting our shutters red, front door black and installing a big flag.
Our house is a white Colonial so I think it will look good.

If anyone knows of a good, local landscaper, let me know!

Have a happy Fourth!
We're going to our friends house in Gallatin, they own a historic home
that backs up to the Civic Center where they shoot the fireworks!
Fun, fun.

Peace out!


doris sander said...

can't wait to see the after pics! sounds gorgeous! :D

and palmas sounds like a great idea! email me! no major plans next wk . . . :D

Sarah said...

Did you see this?

It made me think of you. :)