Sunday, July 20, 2008


It's 1:30 am Sunday morning (Saturday night) and I should be in bed.
I just finished up some work to take to church tomorrow.
I wrote a script for a promo video we're filming tomorrow.
Made a new membership certificate for the morning service.
Made a list of things I must do while I'm there tomorrow and more.
It never ends! I enjoy it though.

Then I edited over 300 pictures from VBS that I should have done weeks ago.
Now I'm heading to bed but I know I've neglected my blog lately so I thought I'd post.
Here's a cute picture I just found of Caroline and Mike from a few weeks ago.
They look so much alike it cracks me up.
Everywhere I go, people say, "she looks just like you!" and I say...
"No, she really looks like her Daddy."
She has my hair and cheeks but that's it. Everything else is Mike Claiborne.
Check out the chin, mouth, nose, eye color and hairline. All his. (Click to enlarge.)
She's "mini-Mike." She even has his toes and his body shape!

Hope you are having a good weekend.
I still haven't painted my front door. Plan to after church tomorrow.
Then I'll post a house make-over picture. I'll have to look for a "before" pic.

Peace out!

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doris sander said...

sweet! :D