Saturday, July 26, 2008

one week of Summer left...

We only have one week of Summer vacation left.
My curriculum should arrive Monday.
I have been in an organizing/cleaning mode.
Yesterday my friend, Jennifer, helped me cover my dining room chairs.
Still haven't painted that blasted front door although I'm thinking about it now.

I'm almost finished sprucing up my living and dining room.
Then I'm going to start on my Kitchen.
One room at a time.
Hopefully I will finish by November when I want to put my Christmas decorations up.

I'm starting to feel a longing for Fall.
I've already bought two vintage looking pumpkin men and a scarecrow.
The stores are full of Fall decorations and it makes me smile.

If it weren't so dag-gum hot!

I'm low on energy today, had an acid attack last night and literally didn't go to sleep until 7 am.
I had to sit up even then. I'm trying to talk myself into waking up and it's 5 pm.
I think I'll hit the hay around 8 pm.
Before that I need to at least do some laundry and dishes.

I really want to plan something fun for my last week of vacation.
My friend Tiffany is coming down. We're going to the Tea Room I love.
Also, a trip to a really fun wading pool is planned for Caroline and friends.

Pastor Wess is out of town all week so that will free up a lot of my time! LOL
He looked at me last night and said, "are you glad I'm going to be gone for a week?"
He's so cute. He shaved his goatee and now he's even cuter.
Of course his wife is an angel so they make the cutest couple ever. I love those two.

Well...gotta run and try to get something accomplished today.
Thanks for sticking with me, even tho it's boring!!

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doris sander said...

four days of summer left here. sad. :(