Saturday, August 16, 2008

crappy day

hmmm...that blog post title doesn't really work well with the title of my blog


some days just ain't that great. KWIM? KWIM Vern? heehee

Got up this morning with a bit of a sore throat. Didn't sleep enough (ever).
Spent 2 hours on church work.
Took a shower and got dressed. Got CC a shower and dressed.
Finally started school at 1 pm.
Had a nice time doing Bible, praying and singing together.
Started the first subject...Math....

We are 11 weeks behind in Math. My child is still doing 2nd grade Math because she hates it!
Now I can't really blame her because I hated it too but this math is fun!
Math-U-See is the best Math ever. If Math can be good, that is.
I have a-ha moments about Math all the time with it. Had one yesterday that I will use now.
You watch a cd with that week's lesson and then you do practice sheets.
We go 'round and 'round about how many sheets and she procrastinates doing it.
Finally today I got so frustrated, I called the public school.
I mean I actually talked to them. (Not fake-called like I normally do to scare her.)

I had to lock myself in the guest room for a few minutes and think and get calm.
Of course she is crying and begging me not to send her to public school.
I finally come out and tell her that all of her warnings and last chances are over.
One more day of fighting me on Math (on the 3rd day of school, no less!!!!) and that's it.

I think she gets it this time. I am praying for patience.
I might expect too much of her.
She is really an excellent child. She has been begging me to start school and
yesterday she said, "I love school." Except Math. Then it's a struggle.
She does everything else with no struggle and does well at it.

So after all that broo-ha-ha, we left home and went to the Sprint store.
They had told me earlier in the week that I could be added to Pastor Wess' plan for $25 a month.
That was to include unlimited internet access and phone minutes.
I had my new phone all picked out. I was super excited and ready.
I get there and the dude was wrong, it's like $70 a month!!!
Well I couldn't ask Pastor Wess to pay that.
He is going to try and work out a different deal with them but couldn't today.

So I also had to pick up Pastor Wess' phone while I was there and it ended up taking the dude an HOUR to get his new phone programmed! I was like, DUDE - I HAVE A LIFE!

My frustration level kept rising (as yours must be, reading a post this long).
Caroline kept hanging on me in the Sprint store and I was starving.
I finally went to eat with my sister at Mr. Gatti's pizza and started getting happier.
Nothin' like an Oreo pizza with cream cheese to lift your spirits.

I only got one load of dishes done today and there's laundry piles everywhere and
more dirty dishes and clutter in the floors, shoes everywhere.

I wanted to run away today.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better!!!

Here's a cute card I just saw that made me smile. From Renee Camacho...The inside says...."I didn't know you could yodel."

ha!!! I gotta make one.



Peri said...

that is so funny - we threaten to homeschool! he straightens upreally quick - he can't stand to think he couldn't play with all his neighbor friends at recess b/c they would all be at school!

Renee Camacho said...

Glad you liked it...didn't know you were 'blurfing' my blog, lol!

ANYHOO...since I blurf yours daily, I thought I'd share with your MATH PAINS...

Kaitlyn gets in the car yesterday with her weekly work (1st week). MATH was HORRIBLE. 3rd grade like C, and she couldn't do this?

Put into order...


She couldn't even tell me what number was BEFORE 99. She kept saying the number AFTER, every number I mentioned.

It's like she mentally stresses and blocks any computation and thought out when it comes to math.

I seriously do not get it.

Although, I do, because I was the same way.

She's excellent in everything else. Above average in everything except for math where she teeters at almost below average. Ugh.

Hope this school year gets better, cause this one in math isn't a good start for us either. I can't EVEN imagine home-schooling her. I lost my patience after just 5 minutes in the pick-up line with her! UGH...kudos to you for sticking in there.

TracieClaiborne said...

Oh Renee....that does help me. I'm sure I'm not the only homeschooling Mom who's had a day where she wanted to run far, far away. But it doesn't usually happen for us on the 3rd day of school! It's more like the end of the year.

Thanks for sharing. I love your blog and your pictoral blog.

Seanna said...

Good luck with the math stuff. I'm sure it will get better, not that I have a clue about homeschooling. I just like to support those who do it. I hope you feel better.

I would like to put in a request for you to share photos of the outside-of-the house project you talked about a while back. You made it sound so pretty! Promise I'm not a stalker (well, just a blog stalker). Here's mine so we can be even:

April said...

Have you guys tried some other math programs. We began with Saxon and really loved it , but then for 1st grade we tried going all A beka and we both disliked there math so after maybe 2 weeks of it we went right back to Saxon. We love it but everyone is different.
I know a lot of people use Horizons and really love it to. If we did not already have and like Saxon I would try out Horizons.

I wish you both the best of luck in finding the math that is best for you.
Also my kids always hated any time I would say anything about sending them to Public school but they discovered that I would never dream of sending them. Now they have to do there school work all week without fighting or crying and then on Friday they get Co-op and playground---they cry once and no fun day Friday for them---wow does it work.