Thursday, August 07, 2008

I just fessed up

I was just reading my last blog entry and the comments and realized I never told my parents the truth about that bold-faced lie and what really happened!

So I called my Mom just now and told her and she has laughed herself silly.
She said, "I remember us (Daddy and her) laughing because you said you stepped on your arm. That was so crazy, we couldn't help but laugh but we believed you."

I told her what really happened and she laughed so hard.
She said, "That was just another one of your lies! Now you've got a little girl just like you."

I may have to scrap this. It's pretty funny.


Ivana Clay said...

That is hilarious! I always pictured you as an honest I know the truth! :)

kristina proffitt said...

Glad you came clean. Hee hee! ;)
Have a great week! :)