Sunday, August 31, 2008

photo update

Here are some photos I've taken this Summer. I waited for months before downloading!
That's not like me but life happens. (Click to enlarge if you want...these are huge.)

Okay, go back with me to June 30th if you will. That was Caroline's 8th birthday.
My sweet girlie is 8.
This is my favorite birthday picture of her at her Hannah Montana party.

My friends at the party laughed at me because the candy wouldn't come out of the pinata.
Mike was holding it and I said, "Shake it Daddy! Shake it!" They thought that was a riot but I didn't mean it to be funny. It's kind of annoying when someone laughs at you when you weren't trying to be funny.

Here's Caroline and her best friends on the 3rd of July.
That's when Hendersonville has their fireworks. We loooovvvvee going.

On the 4th, we went to our friends' Mike and Brenda Scott's house.
They live in a historic home in Gallatin. It backs up to the place where they shoot off the city fireworks! Mike is a bluegrass player who plays on the Opry a lot. They have a big barn with a stage and we had fun listening to all the pickin.

Love this patriotic shirt. Of course she had to have two for two different events! LOL

How do you get good full body shots of your child? I love this outfit but can't seem to get a good pic of her wearing it or any other outfit. This was bad timing too. Sun too high. I know better.

And last but not least, I snapped a bunch of pictures of Caroline playing cards with my sister. Right before I snapped this one, Caroline said, "I've always wanted to pose like this." ha!!! She's a nut.

I'll share more later. That was just thru July!
Happy Labor Day!


Renee said...

yea! Love to see pics. You had such a busy summer. Are you doing the square for Halloween again? Can I reserve my space with you now? Maybe we could do lunch or something?

Ivana Clay said...

I just have to say that I "LOVE!!" Caroline's sparkly silver sandals in that photo. They are super cute and I wish I had some! :)