Sunday, August 03, 2008

sorry so long!

Seems I'm always apologizing lately for not updating my blog.

This week has been a whirlwind, as always.
I have a potload of pics to share, they're still on my camera.
I usually download pics from my camera about once a week and I haven't downloaded since Caroline's birthday party on June 30th. Wowsa. That's not like me.

I will get them going tomorrow and share, share, share.

I've spent the last two days organizing my Den.
Caroline had a big messy corner full of art supplies that she never kept neat.
It drove me batty. I hate plastic and her stuff was in a 3-drawer plastic unit.
I cleaned out the bottom of a big cabinet I have in the Den and we organized her stuff into plastic shoeboxes with labels. She loves it and I think it might work.

I was inspired by Kelli Crowe's scrap room in The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker.
Have you seen that book? It ROCKS. I look at it all the time.

We also put our new curriculum on the left side of the cabinet and we're set to start Monday.
Unfortunately, I was lazy (busy) all Summer and didn't organize last year's schoolwork!
So I have to do that sometime this week. I haven't even sent in my reports due 7/20.

Then I set in to clean the top of my two scrap desks. What a m-e-s-s.
I have only made one two-page layout all YEAR. (I think.)
I've continued to purchase items (of course) and they just piled up.
I'm almost done with both desks. It has been a doozy of a project.
Let's put it this way. I hadn't opened my scrap cabinets in so long that when I opened two of them, both of them had spiderwebs and tiny spiders that I immediately killed.
It was like a ghost town in there.
I just had to let scrapping go this year while I worked.

Speaking of work....I'm looking for a 2nd assistant to hire.
I would love a SAHM with some great computer skills.
The job is very easy. Two days a week and possibly could include Mother's Day Out.
Probably only one kid though.
Pay is decent. Work is super easy and I'm fairly easy to work with. heehee

If you are interested (job is in Hendersonville) or know of someone who would be, please post.

Back to I have a pile of pictures that I need to organize.
I really want to get back to scrapping and do several pages a week.
I still love it just as much as ever. All my stuff makes me super happy and so do my pics.
It's just finding the time.
I even looked thru my albums tonight and just smiled and laughed.

Well...enough rambling, it's 1:22 am and I have to be at church at around 9 in the morning!

Toodleutti Fruity! Have a great Sunday!

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Renee said...

hmmm...i so wish i could do it. I would love to spend time with you and Jack needs a mdo

i'm sure you'll get to scrapping soon. a clean desk inspires us OCD people.

gotta go spaghettio