Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I had quite a traumatic morning this morning.
My left eye had been bothering me for a few days.
Mostly itching and burning with a bit of pain.
I had prayer for it yesterday at church and felt sure it would be fine soon.

This morning I woke up to a very swollen eye and I could barely see.
My dear friend, Jennifer, drove me to the eye doctor.
Thankfully, my eye is very healthy and white.
The Dr. said I must have rubbed something into my eye that I am allergic to.

I am allergic to cigarettes, perfume and dust that I know of.
Of course there is a liberal amount of dust available in my home.
Cigarettes and perfume...not so much.

I give God the credit for it not being very bad and easily fixed.
I'm sure He protected me from something worse.
I got very upset this morning because I couldn't see to get ready and
I am sort of afraid of the eye doctor, in general.
I have had pink eye many times and knew that was not what was wrong.
The thought of what could have been wrong made me panicky.

Eyes are so delicate that it is scary.

So I'm very thankful that all is well and my eye is feeling much better.
I still have a bit of swelling underneath but it isn't hurting much.
The Dr. gave me some prescription drops with an antihistamine in them. Good stuff.

Of course I got nothing accomplished today so we didn't start school as planned.
I'm going to put it off one more week and do some more organizing.
I'll share some pictures soon of what I've gotten accomplished.

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doris sander said...

ouch! hope the eye's better today!