Saturday, August 16, 2008

today is a better day

Thank goodness!

Slept in a bit. (Stayed up til 3 am making labels for my scrap area bins.)

I'm almost done cleaning the kitchen. Working hard on the laundry piles.
Watched America's Test Kitchen and part of Scrapbook Memories on PBS.
Those are my two must-see Saturday shows.

I'm getting ready to clean the floors downstairs.
Then I can start in on the upstairs and I'm dreading it.

My room is disgusting. I think it's the dustiest/nastiest it's ever been.
I have just had so much get in the way of housework lately.

I had an eye infection for two weeks.
Work has been crazy.
School is harder this year and takes more time but it's actually more fun for both of us.
Been working on outside house projects and shopping for clothes and home decor.

Just busy, busy.
But I wanna get my house in order because I am kind of cranky when the house is a mess.

Gotta run...just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the encouraging words and for letting me vent!

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