Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm still alive.

So I guess you're wondering where in the world I've been, huh?

I have had the strangest thing going on.

About a month ago, I noticed some flakiness on my face, near my eyes.
Soon afterward, I developed some type of eye infection but it seemed to be the skin around my eye, the eye was white.
I rubbed it so much because of the itching, that I gave myself a full blown eye infection.
After a week of antiobiotic/steroid eye drops, it was better but my skin was still weird.

Then I noticed a hard place by my nose that was red and had fever.
That place started to grow and the rest of my face was broken out worse than it has ever been.

It continued to get worse until this past Tuesday I finally begged the Dermatologist to work me in.

Turns out...I have an aggressive case of severe Rosacea. It has taken over my entire face.
People look at me like I'm a monster. I can't wear makeup at all and it hurts something terrible.

Here's a picture I took with my phone while driving down the road.
It's an awful picture but you can see what I mean. It was enraged and most painful at this point.

Thankfully it has gotten about 10% better in the last two days. With the help of $150 worth of medicine.
The oral antibiotic is making me a bit nauseous but other than that, it's working great.

I don't know if it's due to stress, some moisturizer I used that seemed to make it worse or something else.

I haven't felt like doing much or going anywhere and to top it off, I have a muscle acting up in my shoulder/neck.
Mike has been working on it but this is the fifth day that I can barely move.

So please pray for me if you have a moment. I know God will bring me thru this just like He always does.

This too shall pass.
I just hope it passes quickly! Thanks for reading. Have a blessed day.


jennifer said...

Oh, my goodness! I am so sorry and will pray for you! I feel really bad now for not being able to talk to you on the phone! I am sure stress is probably aggrivating all this. I'll pray that gets better too! Love you!

kristina proffitt said...

Oh no! That's horrible you poor thing! Prayers going up! Hugs!

margaret said...

sorry to hear about your medical woes tracie...will pray for everything to clear up.


Ivana Clay said...

Oh Tracie! I am sorry that you are feeling so miserable! That looks really aggravating.....I can imagine it is painful too. I will be saying a prayer for your quick recovery. I really hope you feel better soon. Hugs to you!!


clg0513 said...

Tracie can you email me at cls0513 at yahoo dot com

I just moved back to the nashville area and remembered you from CKU 2004. I went by the place the store you worked at used to be and notices the store not there..just wanted to chat with you on the state of scrapbooking in the Middle TN area!!


doris sander said...

well tracie! i'm so sorry to hear it got worse instead of better . . . i hope the medicine's worked and you're lots better now. poor thing. :(