Tuesday, September 30, 2008

a little organizing

Tomorrow I'm spending the entire day organizing and cleaning.
I mean literally every minute.
I am planning out the whole day and sticking to it.

Recently, I did some reorganizing of my scrap area in hopes that just seeing the stuff would make me wanna get it out and play.
It did actually!
Now that it's all organized, I have no excuse except my busy life keeps getting in the way.
But at least I started a page. My third page of the year. It's about 75% done.

Here are some things I did.
I got these snazzy little envelopes at Scrappucino on sale for 75% off.
I LOVE THESE THINGS.Normally they are $12.99 for 6 but I got them for $3.25!
I bought the only two packs they had and I was tickled to see how perfectly they fit in this drawer!
I had this bowl crammed full of everything you could think of, so I reorganized it into the envelopes.
I have one for small labels, one for shaped journaling cards, etc.
I also moved my pictures over into a drawer this size and they fit great.

Using the envelopes freed up my bowl so I now have just large flowers and tall borders in it.

I got this gorgeous wire basket at Home Goods recently.
I want to put some glass milk bottles in the back of these white bowls but can't find any.
I need to go antiquing for that, I 'spose.
I got the white bowls at Walmart for about 3 bucks each. Love 'em.

I had all my sticker letters in a huge wooden bin with my other embellishments.
They were hard to find so I thought to myself that I needed a shallow basket.
Then I remembered this one that I used to keep Caroline's diapers in.
It worked great! Now I can easily flip thru them.
This is the most organized my scrap area has ever been and I'm loving it.
I'm going to a Halloween crop this Friday with my friend, Jennifer.
We have to dress up so that should be a hoot.
I'm going to pack up all my Halloween pictures, paper and embellies and go to town.
I need to pick out a bunch of pages to scraplift because that will get it done quicker.

Hope you're having a good week. I'm excited about the cool weather coming this week!
Blog ya later!


kristina proffitt said...

Love how you have everything organized and so neat, Tracie! Cute space! Have fun at that crop!! Enjoy the rest of the week, too! Hugs!

Seanna said...

That looks GREAT! I have those same drawers, I think. I was just rooting around in them last night, trying to find envelopes for a card swap that's due today. Your drawers--much more organized than my drawers!

I have never been to Scrappucino--they are having 75% off of stuff? Now I'm worried I should go while I have the chance, before they go the way of so many others. Yikes!!

Unknown said...

love the wire basket! :)

doris sander said...

awesome scrappy organization! love those envelopes! have fun this wknd! :D

Renee said...

wow. That looks awesome. What are you going to be for the party?

Hollye said...

Next time you go to a crop...let me know. I'd love to come if there is room! I am in need of some scrappy time!

Sylvie said...

Hi Tracie! Your scrapping space is awesome and neat! I can't wait to see your new layouts. I miss your pages :)

Renee said...

It's october, that means you have to post again soon.