Tuesday, October 28, 2008

feeling scrappy

I told Mike tonight that since I successfully completed a layout I like - I feel scrappy again.
It's really the power of my mini-printer.
Knowing I have options makes scrapping new and fresh again.
I'm thinking of giving all my 4x6 pictures away to my MIL and starting new with mini pics.
I can print as I'm ready to scrap.
But that's a lot of ink and paper. I'm still considering it.

My Mom, my sister, Caroline and I are going to the Smoky Mountains in a couple of weeks.
We normally only stay one night and sometimes we even drive there and back in a day.
This time, we are splurging and staying three whole days and two nights.
I've wanted to do a mini-album about my love of that area for a long time.
This trip, I'm going to be ready. I have a list of pictures to take and a plan.
Wanna see?

Here's my sketch.

It's an 8x8 album. Each page will be a different color, according to the pictures.
The 4x6 will be an outside shot of most places and the smaller ones will be detail shots.

Some of my favorite places are; The Apple Barn, The Sugarlands Visitor Center, Pancake Pantry, The Village and The Incredible Christmas Place.

I'm even going to use some pics from my teenage years and journal about places I went then.
I do need to stop and get a few pics for those stories too.

I can't wait! I have my plan, I'll get my pics, print them out on my printer and then it will just be an assembly process. I might even go ahead and journal before we leave and print that! Wow! I think I will!

I really want to start journaling more because I love to start with the story.
Now that I'm back to scrapping - I need to get back to telling the story.
I had a "memory-flash" on the way home today.
I looked over at houses as I was driving home. I always enjoy the beauty of where we live.
We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful town. I saw pumpkins on porches and lots of mums.
I remembered driving home with my Mom after school on Halloween and feeling so excited.
I always wondered if people were home from work yet and was it time to go trick-or-treating.
I remember holding that plastic pumpkin and saying "trick-or-treat!"
I don't have one single picture of me on Halloween but I have memories.
I'm trying to think of what I could take a picture of to represent the memories.
I would like to have a picture of something. Maybe me now with CC's pumpkin full of candy.
Stories are so important. I love memories.

Gotta run, the bed's calling me.
Blog ya later!


April said...

Hi Tracy,
It's good to see that you have some extra time to be Scrappy again!!!
We spent this past weekend in the smokies and even though we got the rain it was still so nice. I love it there!!!! This time we were on the NC side. Last year we stayed on the TN side and I loved it!! What town in Tenn are you? I have relatives in a few parts and think it seems peaceful there.

Can't wait to see your layouts!

kristina proffitt said...

Isn't TN the best? Love it here. :) Looks like you have a good plan for that album, girl! I SO wish we were going to the Smokies soon! I'm jealous! Have a great time! :)

Renee said...

wow, you are super organized! Have you ever thought of printing your blog into a book-lots of great memories here.

Ivana Clay said...

I long to be scrappy again!!!! I think I am gonna put it on my Christmas list....scrappy time just for me! :) Do you love your new mini printer? I just got the canon Selphy and need to test it out. Maybe being able to print at home directly from my memory card will improve my productivity! Here's to hoping.