Friday, October 10, 2008

happy Fall ya'll!

Isn't Fall wonderful?
I'm trying to savor each day but so far I haven't done a very good job.
I want to go outside more. Hopefully I can do that today.

Yesterday I got my downstairs clean in honor of Tiffany coming over to celebrate her birthday.
I have been cooking quite a bit.
I know. Don't anyone faint.
I am sick of eating out and it's killing us financially.

So today I made chicken enchiladas, salad and chips and salsa.
Then we had a chocolate truffle cake and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

After dinner, Tiff and I went to see Nights in Rodanthe.
Oy vey. I did not like it.
I don't want to give it away but if you want to know why, e-mail me.

There was a funny, albeit annoying, moment in the theater.
We sit down and there's hardly anyone in there, maybe 20 people.
In the very front of everyone, down low on the floor (not stadium seat area),
there is this couple and they are talking very loudly.
The movie comes on and they KEEP TALKING LOUD.
I mean, a big, LOUD, conversation back and forth and the movie has been on 10 minutes.
It was mostly the wife. She gets up, goes out and I think
"well maybe something happened and they're discussing what to do."
When she comes back, they start their loud conversation again!
Also, they both have their feet at the top of the seat in front of them.
I'm thinking, "People! This is not your living room!"
I keep looking at Tiffany incredulously and we are both shaking our heads.
Finally, at the top of my lungs, I go...."SSSSSSHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

Well that shuts up the wife but then when people cough or make a noise,
she goes "SSHH!" to no one in particular.
Right after that, she gets a coughing fit.
I mean, like a bronchitis, can't stop coughing, coughing fit.
It literally goes on for about 10 minutes.
Finally.....they get up and leave.
I said, "Thank you Jesus!" twice and Tiffany and I were giggling.

So what is up with people talking during a movie?
What happened to common courtesy? I mean, common, everyday, politeness.
It's hard to find these days.
Is this what we're teaching our children?
That's it's okay to talk out loud in movies?

Then after all that, I didn't even like the movie.
Oy. $20 later (for me and Tiff). I'm pretty irked.'s a new day.
I hope to clean my upstairs, get a hay bale for my front porch.
Some mums and pumpkins.
Put my scarecrow out.
Enjoy the weather and do some church work.

Then Saturday and Sunday I plan to scrap all day!

Sounds like a plan! What's your weekend lookin' like?


kristina proffitt said...

Hey girl!

I know?!? Where is common courtesy nowadays? Geesh! I'm sick of encountering rude folks everywhere I go!

Hope you have a great Friday and weekend! :) Sunday is my 6th wedding anniversary and we've got a bunch of family fun stuff planned for tomorrow to do. We're also going to stop by our favorite Greek restaurant in Nashville to eat and do some shopping. Of course some football watching will be in the plans, too and spending time outside enjoying the weather. :) We need to plan a get together soon! There is a really good yard sale coming up next Friday. E-mail me if you want details. ;)

doris sander said...

did you scrap? did you scrap? :D

Amanda said...

Hope you got to scrap! And if the yard sale Kristina was talking about was in Victoria Place~it was great! Today~tons of stuff new w/ tags...Gymboree $4 each & used items $1 each and what I got was in excellent condition. Got Grant a shirt that said "my mommy is cool" :) Miss Ya