Monday, November 17, 2008

holiday planning

I'm on a planning kick right now.

This week:
- Clean entire house.
- Catch up on laundry.
- Purchase and install new light fixture in Kitchen.
- Have kitchen ceiling drywall repaired.
- Wash windows inside.
- Clean couch.
- Clean carpet in Den.

Next week:
- Purchase and install new curtain rods in Living Room.
- Decorate for Christmas Monday and Tuesday
- Plan holiday activities for December.
- Start Christmas shopping.

Now I have to break down each of those tasks into manageable chunks within the days. Wow. I feel overwhelmed already. :)

I really feel the need to finish up my "project" in the house before I decorate. I mean, what's the point of decorating if I can't have company over and who wants to have company over to a half-finished house?

Here's to setting goals and keeping them!

I've already broken out the Christmas music, have you?


doris sander said...

how's the holiday planning working out for ya? :D

Ivana Clay said...

Sending project completion mo-jo your way. I will be lucky to get through my pile of laundry. LOL!

Renee said...

whoo-hoo for the Christmas music on your blog...I may have to leave you on while I finish up my December Daily thingie mabobber

Renee said...

or not, since it's only one song...ha

Ivana Clay said...

Well I know you are a busy lady, but I tagged ya over on my blog. Check it out! Hugs-


Debi said...

Tracie dear,
I hope you are much better at setting and KEEPING goals like that! I set them... but never quite get them all done. lol I hope your having fun too!! It was good to get to stop by and read your blog... I found you through Ivana Clay's. I will be back oftem for a visit! Loved reading yours!!

I hope you're having a wonderfully blessed day! And Happy Thanksgiving!!!