Saturday, November 08, 2008


This month, I am taking a picture every day of something I'm thankful for.
I didn't make a list of things I'm thankful for.
I'm just trying to live in the moment and go "what am I thankful for today?"
Kind of like celebrating Thanksgiving the entire month.

Remembering to take the picture is the hard part.

So far, I'm thankful for...
November 1st - half price sales (I snagged a bunch of stuff 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby)
2nd - medicine that makes my heart beat at the right pace
3rd - talent - got the above picture while Caroline was singing and playing guitar
4th - bedtime! - time to myself after Caroline is in bed
5th - my two female Pastors
6th - time to spend with Caroline - I'm just thankful to be alive
7th - fall colors

The best part of this is that I am a) taking more everyday pictures and b) counting my blessings.
I have actually found out that I can get some pretty good shots inside the house without a flash.
I just have to take a bunch. I am bad about only wanting "perfect" pics which leaves half my life out!
They have that "warm and fuzzy" look but I like it.
I'm trying to keep my camera nearby and just be aware. I'm catching some moments I've been missing.

I was inspired to do this from two things.
Ali Edwards "a week in the life" album and "daily December."
I have too much going on in December to even attempt to scrap it as I go.
But November is a good time for me to reflect on my blessings.
Also, Cathy Z. had a kickin' gratitude album on the last page of Simple this month.

I've picked out a 7Gypsies tag album to use and I'm working out the sketch.
I'll share it when I have it ready.
I'm using Basic Grey Mellow line, I think.

I'll share more as I go along with the pictures.
It's 1:12 am right now and I'm tuckered out. Just waiting for my honey to come home.

Blog ya later!


kristina proffitt said...

What a great idea, Tracie! I have a little album that I have been writing what I'm thankful for every day this whole entire year. It's so neat to go back and see what I wrote each day. I've already made one for next year, too. There aren't any pictures, just words, but I love grateful albums like that. I bet yours is going to be so beautiful! :) Have a good weekend!

Ivana Clay said...

Love this idea Tracie! It is a good idea to take a moment each day to think about things to be thankful for. I know in my own house they so often goes unnoticed. Thanks for the reminder that they are in front of us each and every day! Hugs! I miss ya!

Jill LaFaye said...

This is a great idea Tracie:)
I am working on the Ali Edwards December journal..just getting it ready..we will see what happens!

P.S. I love the photo of Caroline singing and playing the guitar.

doris sander said...

yay for pictures! :D

Renee said...

ok, I am so disappointed. I thought for sure that I would make the list for Thursday's blessing.

What kind of picture do I find on my disc? ScrapMaster T. throwing a little gang sign to me. Nice.

and I thought we were friends.
not cool.