Monday, December 01, 2008


It is 12:52 am and I should be in bed.
I haven't slept in two days.

Yesterday I went to a 10-hour crop.
The gals who pack for Jenni Bowlin got together and had a crop at her business place.
It was very fun, although most of the girls couldn't make it.
I got a project done from a kit I got in March. Been wanting to do it.
I also got a title page made for my Smokies album and the pages cut.

Mostly I sat and talked and ate very spicy food.
Which leads me to being up all night last night.
My new stomach medicine, Zegrid, is not working. I need to go back to Nexium.
I had to sit up all night long which is miserable.
I didn't even go to church this morning which is really not like me.

Anywho...I still have a titch of heartburn so I'm avoiding the bed at the moment.

I worked some more on my Smokies album today. I think it's going to turn out nice.
I really, really wanna focus on the journaling and I want to keep it real.
Like really me talking, not me trying to do journaling.

So, on the list from last time, I did get my carpet cleaned. (Thanks Jennifer.)
I got all Caroline's Christmas gifts purchased, except two small things.
I got my entire house completely decorated for Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving for the first time.
Boy did that feel good.
All my laundry was done and the house spotless upstairs and down as of Friday.
Again...felt really good.

Now I still need to clean the couch, wash the windows, laundry again, clean the kitchen, clean out the toy closet, take Christmas pictures, fill out my cards and mail them, buy all my sister's gifts and more.

Plus I'm taking Caroline to see Santa this week after we take Christmas pictures.
She is excited.
More exciting is that it is supposed to snow all day Monday! Yay!!!!

Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely. Mine was nice. Life is good.
Now...if I can just get some sleep tonight...


jennifer said...

I'm so sorry about your heartburn! Hope it's all better now!

I really hated to miss out on Saturday. Hopefully next time!

I am totally impressed with your to do list and all you have already done on it! Go Girl!

BTW, how did you answer Caroline's question? Did you do anything stupid?!

doris sander said...

hope you're feeling better! it was so fun to scrap with you saturday! :D

Renee said...

It was great seeing you. You're so funny and you lift my spirits when I see you. Thanks for that!

If you are cleaning out C's toy closet and come across any regiftable things for Page, let me know and maybe we trade toys for blizzrds!