Thursday, December 18, 2008

80's baby!

I was listening to cd's on last night and came across Prince's Greatest Hits.
I have always loved this song ---- Kiss.
Everytime I hear it, I am immediately transported back to 1985.
I was working at the Dairy Queen and one night after closing, we were all cleaning.
Someone turned the music up really loud and we were all dancing.
One of the cute guys that worked with me jumped up on the counter and danced while this song played.
Oh my I thought he was a doll.
We all did.
We laughed and laughed at him and he loved it.

Of course he barely knew I was alive.
I was 15!
There are several 80's songs that bring back strong memories and this is one of them.

What's your favorite 80's song?

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Ivana Clay said...

This post just makes me laugh and laugh. I wish you had a video to go along with it, so I could see you all DANCING! I bet it was hilarious!!

I have a list a mile long of 80's songs I love that bring back name a few-

Manic Monday by the Bangles and
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-Cyndi Lauper. OF COURSE! :)