Saturday, December 13, 2008

feeling a bit better

Hey all.
I'm happy to report that I'm feeling a bit better.
About 75% back to normal.
I'm still weak from being sick for so long.

I got the new Scrapbooks, etc. yesterday. Oh joy. It is delightful.
They keep raising their game.
I also got January CK in the mail and bought the new Simple Scrapbooks.
Out of all of them, Scrapbooks, etc. is far above the rest.
Sorry Primedia.
I will have to say that the CK was really good too.
I love Simple but that mag keeps getting thinner and thinner!
Also, I miss some of the people they used to use a lot.
I don't know, this issue seemed "off" to me a bit.
I did love Stacy's feature on doing a quick album. Did you see it?
I think I'm too neurotic to do it that way though.

I got an order in today that I ordered back in AUGUST.
The October Afternoon Christmas line was back-ordered.
Finally, they sent it to me without that.
I feel bad for my friend Jennifer because her stuff was what didn't get shipped!
I love getting a package.
So much fun.

Now if I could only get my house clean, the laundry done and my work caught up - I could scrap!
I have been writing journaling while I was sick and I have some pages planned.
One is kind of deep about how I had a horrible accident when I was little.
I want my page to reflect the serious nature but also look nice. Quite a challenge.

I want to set some scrapping goals for 2009.
Are you? I've got to do something to get my rear in gear!
One of my other major goals for 2009 is to plan my day better so I can focus on school more.
I want to do more fun activities during school with Caroline. Like crafts and nature walks, etc.
I have really slacked on school this year and I feel very bad about it.
Thankfully, God gives us a new opportunity with the dawn of each new day, right?

I found my new favorite place in life today! World Market. Have you been?
I want a leather recliner they have there and a dining room table and it's all very affordable.
I got this fabulous advent calendar for $6.50! I'm going to use it every year.
Each day you turn the drawer around and it turns into a snowman picture.

They have everything you could think of! I love it and it's right by my house.
So exciting. I bought a couple of Christmas gifts tonight and I'm going back for more.

Hope your holidays are going great. Blog ya later....


kristina proffitt said...

So glad you're feeling better, girl! Yay! Oh, and I LOVE World Market! LOVE it! :) That advent calendar is too cute! :) Have a great Sunday and week ahead! Hugs!

Ivana Clay said...

Hi there! So glad you are getting better and back in the blogosphere! LOL! I was missing checking in on you. Hope you all have a fun, and fabulously blessed Christmas! TTYS!


Amanda said...

Glad you are feeling better! Love the purchase from World Market~I got the boys some bath toys there a while back and their stuff is too cute. Happy Holidays :)