Thursday, December 11, 2008

warning: whiney post ahead

Are you wondering if I'm alive?
Well I am.
But just barely.
I have been "so-sick-I-can't-get-out-of-bed" for 4 days.
I'm about 10% better at this moment.
Not much.

According to my Dr., I have a viral infection that is going around.
He is making a ton of money off folks like me so he says jokingly to which I was not much amused.

I've been telling my family, "if you wanna know what I do all day, look around 'cause I ain't been doing it and here's what happens!"

My husband has done two loads of dishes. That's about all he has had time for.
No laundry has been done since last week. Except for "emergency towels."
As in, it's an emergency, we don't have clean towels so throw 'em in.
Maybe this is what I get for saying to friends last week...
"My house has been decorated since before Thanksgiving and it's completely clean, upstairs and down and all the laundry is done - even the sheets!"

Well THAT didn't last long!

I'm keeping the Puffs company in business. Good for them.
And the Airborne and Sudafed folks too.

So how you doing? It would have to be better than me!

Tune in next week for a happy, non-whiney blog post....


kristina proffitt said...

Oh no! I hope you get back to your 100% better self soon, my friend! I WAS wondering about you and was about to e-mail you to see what's up! Praying for you! Hugs!!

Pam said...

I know how you feel, I have been in bed for 4 days too. I woke up feeling so much better today, BUUUUT, now I have cramps, lol!!! Sorry if that is tmi, lol!!! I am glad you are better. :)