Friday, January 16, 2009

6 random things...

Amanda tagged me so here are six random things about myself.

1) Every Saturday, I sleep in (Mike is home to watch Caroline), then I watch America's Test Kitchen at noon on PBS and then Scrapbook Memories at 2 pm. After that, I start my day. Needless to say, I don't get much accomplished on Saturdays!

2) My favorite color is red and I'm thinking of putting it in every room in my house. I currently have mostly a maize/yellow color but I'm thinking of painting it all red!

3) I worked in some form of advertising/marketing for 12 years before I had Caroline. My first job included proofing press releases and I had never even heard of a press release (age 20). LOL!

4) When I met my husband, he had hair down to his waist and my Dad didn't want me to date him. (My Dad ended up adoring him though. Whew!)

5) I can't go more than a day without talking to my friend Jennifer or I feel like I'm missing out on what's happening in her life. Strangely enough though, I don't like to talk on the phone to anyone else, even my family which greatly annoys them! I love to e-mail. heehee

6) I have had more near-death experiences than anyone I know. I have had a head-on collision at age 19, avoided several near accidents since then and my heart stopped twice in January 2007. God has kept me here so I can't let Him regret it!

Did any of those surprise you?

Did anyone order those 7Gypsies stamps from Peachy Cheap? I thought about it!

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Amanda said...

DON'T paint your entire home RED! Just a few rooms and accent with red! You may never like it again if you paint everything that color :) Can you tell I am a realtor?!?
Love the Peachy Cheap site :)