Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas pictures!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year's holiday.
We had an AWESOME service at church New Year's Eve and started the year off great.
I am pondering my goals for 2009 and almost ready to write them down.
Mike and I are going to sit down and write down some family goals too.

Here are some pictures of our Christmas decorations and celebrations!
They're kind of in random order because of how I uploaded them.

These first two are pics I took of most of Caroline's gifts for a page I'm doing.

Here's my cutie, posing with her new Webkinz Pig. She LOVES Webkinz.

Anna got a snazzy new scarf and hat set, along with an AG hoodie. Lucky girl. :)

Here's a solid chocolate Santa brought by Santa!

Here's a shot from Christmas Day at my Mom's house. We always go there in the afternoon.

This is the feast we had there! We did party foods and it was Y-U-M-M-Y!

She is really diggin' her new Nintendo DS - her major gift this year. Thanks Grandma!

Another Webkinz - this one was a surprise. A green parakeet. This was Christmas morning.

Here's her gift from Santa - she asked him to bring her a kids' book on how to crochet.

Getting her DS at Grandma's house on Christmas Eve.

Caroline played guitar and sang for us at Grandma's on Christmas Eve.

Some decor - this is part of our little village, lit up on a table in the Dining Room.

This is a better shot of my main tree - the pics I showed you before were way too dark.

This year, I filled the Hutch in the Den with classic toys and a book that was Mike's growing up.

Here's my new Snowman. I love and adore him. I needed one more for the mantel and found him.

I took this picture of Caroline's paper chain and when I looked at it in my camera - you could see my Den tree in it! A cool and happy accident!

Here's my Den mantel. I used to have that Snowman wreath on the back door in the Den but when I put all the Snowman there, I had an a-ha moment and moved it there too! I have enjoyed looking at it every day. You can't really see the detail here but there is a snowman on the wreath with striped legs. I have glittery picks in the wreath but next year I'm really going to go all out on this wreath and put a lot of small toys in. I'm going to collect them during the year as I see them (hope to!).

Here's my Den tree - I love collecting whimsical red and green ornaments for this.

Now I need to take all my decorations down but I don't see it happening this weekend.
Mike and I are both slammed with work. I'm playing catch up on my church work.

I'm doing the 365 Project by Becky Higgins so I'll share more about that this weekend and hopefully a layout in the works and some cards I've done!

Happy 2009!


kristina proffitt said...

Great photos, Tracie! Love your holiday decor! :)

So glad you snagged one of those Project 365 kits! I heard they sold out quick!

Seanna said...

This was extremely delightful. Thanks for sharing your photos! We used to do 3-5 trees but now we're down to just two. We were away for Christmas this year but I've had the house decorated since probably a week before Thanksgiving, so I am ready to put everything away. My mother-in-law gave us some ornaments from my husband's childhood--very excited about those for next year. There are even some old Shiny Brite ornaments in there for us to use--I may have to go from two to three trees next year!

Have fun with Project 365! I think I may try to take a photo a day and blog it, but I know myself better than to imagine I can possibly keep up with the Becky concept--but YOU can do it! Go, Tracie!

Hollye said...

Awesome photos. I was going to get Kennedy those AG books so that she could make her own t-shirt for her doll, but they were almost $20 and I couldn't use my coupon at Michael's

Hollye said...

Did you get the 365 Project kit?

Renee said...

I call dibs on those Christmas jammies. I know you have a friend who has a daughter, but I have GOT to have that set so I can copy that Christmas layout exactly!