Monday, January 05, 2009

Layout #1 for 2009

One of my goals for 2009 is to scrap at least one layout a week.
My best time to scrap is Sunday afternoons. We get home around 3 pm, after lunch.
Mike takes a nap, Caroline is tuckered out and plays quietly & I have some ME time.
Love, love, love my Sunday afternoons.

My goal is to sketch the design out during the week, think about it, gather supplies.
Then when I do have time to scrap, I can sit down and knock it out.
It worked with this one! I had been thinking about it all week.
Once I actually sat down to scrap and pulled my cardstock out, I finished it in about an hour!
That might be a record for me. That includes printing the pictures and everything.

Here it is....I have to say it's one of my favorites I've made in a long time.

I knew I wanted to use my new "Swell Noel" embellishments from K&Co. (3 different packages of them!)
They are a lovely blue, pink and red color scheme. So I got them out and based the colors on them.
I was going to say "Christmas Gifts 2008" but I spotted this "for a good girl" and thought, "perfect!"
I snagged that AC ribbon at Michaels this weekend, it was from Christmas & only $1.
Oh and see that little pink tag on the left with the date? Cuttlebug! Tiny tags die.

Yesterday was gloomy and overcast, perfect for outside shots. It was warm too.
Mike asked me to take some pictures of him. He ended up not liking his hair in them but I like them.
Here they are....I left these on the computer for him to see this morning and he somehow overlooked the one I did to be funny. Figures!

I also got some fantastic shots of Caroline riding her bike in the driveway.
Some of my favorite pictures ever of her outside.
My next page will either be with those or these above of Mike.

One thing I have discovered about myself is that if I use current pics to scrap with, I feel more inspired.
Like I just took those Christmas pictures on purpose for the layout.
The hundreds of 4x6 pictures in my drawer are not inspiring me.
They're just sitting there.
I think if I had them on a cd and could print them any size I wanted, I'd be more apt to scrap them.
Of course I do have them all on cd, it would just be a matter of finding them!

How do you stay inspired to scrap?
Have you made any scrapping goals for the year?


jawebbtn said...

Love it! You go girl! Remind me to take a picture like this next year! I always forget! Love that tiny tag!

kristina proffitt said...

LOVE that layout, girlie! Great job! Great photos on it and love the design! Great photos of Mike, too! That one you altered is too funny! Hee hee! You're so bad. ;) Have a Happy Tuesday! Hugs!

Ivana Clay said...

Love the layout! Great pics you got of Caroline! What do you use to print out your smaller photos? I remember you talking about how you were doing it long ago and I am wanting to start printing on this scale to include more on my pages. Great start on your scrappin' goals for 09! Keep it up! :)

Renee said...

ok, tell Mike that I think he looks like Jimmy Wayne. And that ain't too bad to wake up next too...I know you won't be upset for me to saying that since we all know how you feel about a certain scrappers hottie hubby! And I don't mind putting this here cuz I know you can just delete it if it offends you, which I hope it doesn't cuz you know I love ya! Nuts! Maybe I should delete it, nah, I've committed too much time in my explanation. But I'm funny, right?

Renee said...

can I learn to talk.
1. wake up to. (shouldn't end in to, but it's early)
2. won't be upset at me for saying.

my word verifications were
plychick and now skiveled. I think skiveled will be my new word for when I'm ready to lose my mind. As in, I'm awfully skiveled right now that the dog ate Page's lunch off the counter and destroyed yet another tupperware set.

TracieClaiborne said...

You're a hoot!