Sunday, January 04, 2009

my new obsession

I have two new obsessions. They are inter-twined.
It is a) the Cuttlebug and b) card-making.

I've always enjoyed card-making.
Being creative with cards is easy to me.
I've made quite a few cards but I was limited on supplies.
I had a drawer full of stamps that had never been used.

Then I went to a crop with my good friend, Sherri VonLobstein and she had a Cuttlebug.
When I saw what it did - I was nuts over it!
I wanted one but wasn't sure I would use it.

Enter Jennifer McGuire's blog, and this video...

Well after that, I was sold....I HAD TO HAVE A CUTTLEBUG!
Now mind you this was about three weeks before Christmas (luckily) so I asked for one.
My sweet sister bought me one and then the obsession began with the embossing folders.
I got about 10 for Christmas and I've bought several more since then.

So I had the Cuttlebug and a few stamps but when I tried to make cards, I realized I needed envelopes and more stamps with sentiments like, "thank you" and "hi!"

Well ever since Christmas, I've been on a mission to find the things I need.
Here's a sheet showing some of the new stamps I've bought.
I'm so blessed, the stamps were on sale at Hobby Lobby, Michaels AND Joann!
I snagged some for $1 at Michaels!! (Happy Valentines Day, love birds, cmas tree)

Here are practice sheets showing the images...

I found a great inspiration source online. Her name is Jennifer too!
Check out this blog, she does some of the best cards I've ever seen.
Simple Flourishes

I still needed a few more sentiments like Father's Day, Mother's Day, 4th of July.
I saw this last night at Tarjay for $14.99 and fell in love!

I also got some new inks: Colorbox Chalk Ink in Dark Brown and a light tan one by Ranger.

I will share some completed cards when I get them done. I have only done a couple.
Too busy "playing."

So I have some questions for those of you who stamp....
1) What is the difference in chalk ink, dye ink and pigment ink?
2) Which ink do you prefer? I want a really solid image like you get with StazOn.
3) What do you use to clean your stamps?
4) Any tricks for using acrylics?

It's so funny because I've never cared about stamping before but all of a sudden...I'm hooked!

This has made me love being crafty again. I love this feeling of something new.
See to scrap a page of Caroline's Christmas gifts. Will post when I'm done.


Hollye said...

We need to get together and crop. I bought a Cricut Expressions for myself. I've not used it yet, but I am planning on getting it out this week and seeing what it's all about. Can't wait!

Ivana Clay said...

Glad you are lovin' your cuttlebug! That is honestly the first time I had ever seen it used ( I watched the video ) Looks pretty cool! I have always stamped and enjoyed making cards, too. Honestly Staz-On is my favorite ink for card making because it makes the images so crisp and bold. I like that in my sentiments. I hardly ever use pigment ink, because it requires heat to set and dry. I have used chalk inks occasionally, but their effect is much softer and paler. Excuse the pun but the color of the chalk ink....comes out well...chalkey! :) Can't wait to see all the new stuff you create with your new tool!

kristina proffitt said...

Yep, I need a Cuttlebug! ;)
Love those stamps, too! I'm hooked on Hero Arts stamps and I have some favorites that are Fontwerks. Oh, and the new Ali stamps are beautiful! Got me some of them, too! LOL! See - I love stamping. Isn't Jennifer so inspiring? I can't wait to see what you've been creating girl! Have fun! :)

Sherri said...

oh yay, i get a mention in your blog!! ha
so, i ordered some nestabilities dies from ritz camera, yep you read that right and i will let you know if they are as fabulous as i am expecting them to be.
i commented on caroline's blog, i figured you needed a little love too. ;o)

Renee said...

so, I'm thinking I'll be at your house at 3:30 on Sunday? Page can bring her DS and it will be a card making fest!
Nope, cuz then Page will see C's pink room and remind me again of how green is not her favorite color.