Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Project 365

So have you heard about Project 365?
If you're a Becky Higgins fan or CK reader, chances are that you have.

My friend, Jennifer, and I were lucky enough to get a kit. (Thanks Jennifer!!!!!!)
It is scheduled to arrive this Friday. So excited. (Apologies to all who did not get one.)

We are DEDICATED to completing this challenge and taking a picture a day in 2009.

For those of you in the dark, Project 365 is a kit with slots for a picture a day for a year.
It's not really scrapbooking - we are looking at this as more of a photography challenge.
The kit comes with hundreds of small journaling cards and there are slots for those too.
You just stick the pictures in the pockets & the journaling cards in the pockets and you're done!
We both have Epson Picturemate (love them!) so we're going to print once a week and fill in.
One of my favorite things about this is doing it with a friend.
We brainstormed about what pictures to take and had fun coming up with ideas.

I'm going to use this kit to portray a true picture of what our life is really like in 2009.
I am hoping to grow my photography skills since I'll be taking pics so often.
I want to really get shots of things I normally forget, like Caroline playing, singing, etc.
Also, things around the house and places we go, like our church and favorite shops/restaurants.

So here are my pictures so far...

January 1 - my new obsession, card-making and the Cuttlebug (wish I would have gotten it in this)

January 2 - Breakfast at 7:30 am (woke up at 3:45 am after going to bed at 8:30 pm) - an egg sandwich cut into quarters just like my Mom used to make me. Caroline and I love them this way. With lots of mayo!

January 3 - Caroline reading a magazine - a daily occurence in our home.

January 4 - Mike on a Bike - impromptu photo shoot on an overcast Sunday afternoon. Kinda blurry but the only landscape shot of the day!

January 5 - This is the kind of shot I miss unless I'm doing something like this. Caroline hanging out in what we call "the music room" just singing along to her High School Musical 2 cd.
I'll post more tomorrow.
January 6th was Jennifer and me, working at Jenni Bowlin's house, packing kits.
Today's picture is my Christmas wreath still being up. I'm ready to get it down!
I really wanted to take pictures of me in my office today but didn't do it.
My next mission is to buy a great point and shoot camera so I don't miss those shots out and about.

If any of you are doing Project 365 in any form, please let me know.
We can cheer each other on!


Michelle said...

I love the 365 project! How cool you got the kit. I got a point and shoot for Christmas that I love (and a way cute little case to put it in from Etsy). It is the Olympus Stylus 850. I recommend it.

Anonymous said...

Hi...I checked out your Project 365....I loved a fired egg sandwich with mayo too!!! YUM...I like my bread toasted...

my blog is

Anonymous said...

Sorry Tracie...I meant I loved fried egg sandwich...not a fired egg...I am not the best typer...