Saturday, January 10, 2009


I have been a lazy bum this week.

My house is in bad shape. I've just been very tired.
We did have a day of sunshine but even that didn't seem to help.
The grayness of Winter is getting to me, I think.

I got up this morning & Mike and Caroline were in our bonus room, on two different computers.
A common Saturday morning scene.

So I asked Mike if he would mind if I went out for a while by myself.
He said, "No...I was trying to think of how I could get rid of you."
He was kidding, of course. He never says anything serious.

So I ran over to Scrappucino.
They had moved everything around and were in the process of a big re-arrangement.
Clearing things out to get ready for new CHA-Winter product they will be ordering soon.
I have really grown to love Kathy, Lola and Sonia who work there.
I had a nice talk with Kathy and got some great sale stuff.
I got a Scrapbook Trends mag for $6, some St. Patrick's Day stickers for a quarter.
Some vellum envelopes and a glue stick, both I've been wanting.
Some new Making Memories Love Notes paper and a few other things.
Just little happies.

Then we went to dinner at Salsaritas, came home and watched 48 Hours and here I sit.
I haven't done ONE THING to my house all day and we need towels and clothes washed.

Here are some pictures I just uploaded from Caroline's camera.
She got it last Christmas and these pictures have been on there over a year. LOL!

First though, for my Project 365...(I will be sharing pics tomorrow of the completed portion)...

1/6 - Packing kits at Jenni Bowlin's
1/7 - Some new cards I made with my Cuttlebug. Still loving it!

1/8 - Laundry. The bain of my existence. It's a never ending battle.

1/9 - Caroline and Kirsten, playing together.

1/10 - Playing a board game tonight, taken with Caroline's point and shoot camera's self-timer. I am going to have to use the self-timer feature if I want to be in this album! I think Caroline's little point and shoot does a pretty good job. This was at night, in a pretty dark room, with no flash! (I despise using a flash.) It looks a little too "posed" but we'll do a bunch that aren't. I'm planning on trying to get myself in at least one pic a week, although I HATE having my picture taken.

Here are some pictures from Caroline's's always funny to see what she takes...

This is from last Summer - a Girl Scout project for the new Library in Gallatin... I don't remember this snow day but Caroline must have taken this out our front door! Funny.
Love this one. I think this is the first day with her new camera. LAST Christmas. (2007)
And this was the first one taken on the camera. What a change I can tell in this girl from one year ago!

Blog ya later!

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Love your cards!