Saturday, January 31, 2009

so much to tell, so little time

My life has been pretty crazy lately, haven't had time to upload pictures.
I always hate to blog without 'em.

My car, which is 3 years old and still seems brand-new to me, recently died on me 3 times.
Twice while in traffic, once in VERY heavy traffic and I almost had an accident.
The dealership had it for over three weeks, drove it over 350 miles and it never died on them.
I said, "Give it back to me! It will die for me!"
So finally a last resort, they called the other Saturn dealerships.
They asked if anyone had ever heard of a car dying when the computers say nothing is wrong.
One Service Supervisor said...
"Yeah, I've had that happen a couple of times and both times the customer had really heavy keys. The keys would go straight in the ignition but then when the driver would hit a bump or come to a stop, the keys would slide out to the right and in essence, turn the car off."

DING, DING, DING! We have a winner!
I have the heaviest keys known to man because I have a key to almost every door in the church!

When the guy said this to my normally calm, unemotional husband, Mike yelled....
"Holy Crap!"
We have been at the end of our rope not knowing what to do about this car!
He wanted me to trade it and I didn't want to and we went round and round.
Mike told the Service Mgr. that I have the heaviest keys ever and that was definitely it!
I picked it up tonight and it is such a relief to have a car again!!
I had a rental for three days that smelled like smoke but other than that, nothing.
Whew. Thank you Jesus for helping them figure that out.

Other than that...I've stayed home a lot, obviously, but can't seem to get caught up on housework.
Lack of motivation and general tiredness plagues me.
This Winter weather....blech. I need me some sunshine!

Tomorrow I have big plans to get my bedroom, all the bathrooms and Caroline's armoire cleaned.
Her clothes are just thrown in there and the doors won't even close. It's a big ole mess.
My bathroom hasn't been cleaned in ages.
My bedroom furniture could be written on with a finger in the dust.
Wish me luck!

Maybe one day I will take a picture of the layout I did. I actually love it!

Have a good weekend!!


Michelle said...

I know that car thing was stressful. On one hand you are so thankful it was an easy answer but on the other all of that could have been avoided if only someone would have know sooner! So glad it was an easy fix!

Renee said...

you know, if your keys are so heavy and you keep them in your purse and if you keep your purse on your shoulder-it may be causing you some of your shoulder pain?
Just trying to keep you healthy and happy cuz I really want a picture posted soon!