Sunday, March 01, 2009

and it only took a month

I finally finished a layout that I started the last week of January.
So actually it took me more than a month to finish it.
I'm so speedy.
I have been sick for four weeks with an ear infection/sinus infection but I won't bore you with that.

Here it is...finally.

I remember my Mother-in-Law telling me once that she and Mike's Dad were 16 in this pic.
Now that I have it printed, I'm doubting myself.
If it's not right, I hope I don't find out.

The hardest part was finding a title that didn't overwhelm those delicate papers/colors.
This was Jenni Bowlin's January kit.
I love these colors but now I'm sick of these papers from looking at them for a month!

This picture reminded me of the Judd's song, "Young Love" - thus the title.


Unknown said...

It's so beautiful!!!

jawebbtn said...

How sweet! I love it!

Renee said...

I love how you used all the papers and how the right hand flowers're too good.
Hope you are feeling better. How's the 365 project going???

Ivana Clay said...

Very pretty! I thought of that same song as soon as I read your title. Such a good one! :)