Sunday, March 22, 2009

thank you.

Well thank you to Jennifer and Sarah, who still read my blog. :)
I'm trying to be a devoted facebook fan but it seems time-consuming!
Here, I can say what I wanna say, check my friend's pages really quickly and then be done.
I just love blogspot and typepad. I wish more people kept their blogs up (cough, Sherri, cough).

Didn't get any scrappin' done today.
We took my MIL out to lunch at Demos. Yumminey-yum-yum. Tomorrow's her birthday.
Our church runs really long so we didn't get out until almost 1 pm.
We have a big conference coming up this week and our church is just on fire right now.
So good to be in God's presence. I'm looking forward to more of that this week.

After Demos, Caroline played outside while I read a book and then dozed.
I was sitting on the Den couch and finally my eyes just went together!
I woke myself up snoring! ha!!

Before long it was time for "my shows." Sunday is my tv night baby!
Oh yeah.
Celebrity Apprentice is my very favorite show ever. I LOVE it.
I literally laugh out loud and talk to myself while it's on.
Did you see it? It's so good.
I taped Desparate Housewives. Wow - it rocked too.
I also like Amazing Race but they kill me starting it so late.

So can you see how productive I was today????
I did get one load of dishes done in there somewhere.
Now tomorrow it's back to reality!!
I've got orders to fill, a filthy house to clean, calls to make and more.

Hope your weekend was happy!


Amanda said...

I tagged you on my blog...sorry!

Hollye said...

I read your blog. I just don't always comment!

Amanda said...

ah...ya party pooper! i will be waiting for a picture to pop up :) but I won't hold my breath.

Ivana Clay said...

I am still reading too! Just wanted my name on your roll! :)