Sunday, March 22, 2009

this is my day today

I think I'm going to start doing a list of what I did that day here and then I might scrap it.
It's pretty boring so bear with me.
I don't think anyone's reading my blog anymore anyway - everyone's facebooking.

So today...
- Slept 'til almost 2 pm, after sitting up on the couch all night after having an acid attack.

- Got up & watched "Maid in Manhattan" with Jennifer Lopez. Dee-lightful. Loved Rafe Fines.

- Looked online for a Sunday School lesson for tomorrow. Checked e-mails.

- Met my sister and mom at Cracker Barrel - I had dumplins and veggies. Yum. Too heavy though.

- Went to Dillards for our second attempt at finding Caroline an Easter dress. Tried on 6 dresses - bought two. Found 3 bargains for myself!! Yay! They have a big sale going on thru tomorrow. Too bad the Easter dresses weren't on sale! (Both polka dot - I know...Caroline wanted them both.) Can't decide which to use for Easter.

- Went to a few other shops in the mall. The place was deader than a doorknob.

- Got an ice cream cone at Chick-Fil-A. Yummo.

- Came home at 10 pm, got CC in the shower. Preparing clothes for church tomorrow.

- Getting ready to take a shower, put my hair in sponge curlers and iron my clothes for church.

- Reading a Kathleen Woodiwiss book, Petals on the River. One of my faves.

I plan to scrap tomorrow! I want to do "Things I Love About Daddy" about my sweet Daddy.

Happy Sunday!


jawebbtn said...

I'm still here! I just can't make the commitment to facebook! LOL! Love both of those dresses. We're doing dots this year too.

Miss you!

Sarah said...

I still read. I've tried spnge rollers in my hair a few times and it just became a mess. Do you have any tips for the uncoordinated?

Michelle said...

I LOVE that blue one the best! That is so stinkin' cute. They both are.

doris sander said...

too cute! i love the second one. :D