Friday, April 03, 2009

an eventful day!

It was an eventful day with the weather around here.
We were under a tornado watch for about an hour and Caroline and I watched and worried.
I trust God to keep us safe or I would really have been a basketcase.
A few years ago, our neighborhood was hit hard and we still aren't over the shock of it.

I did get quite a bit of laundry done, schoolwork and ended up watching too much tv.
We watch I Love Lucy late at night and Caroline and I just about scream in laughter.
Tonight Lucy, Ethel and Fred stole John Wayne's footprints from the Chinese Theater in Hollywood.
We were on pins and needles, waiting to see what happened and cracking up the whole time.
Caroline loves it as much or more than I do.
I want the box set of all the seasons but it's like $150! I hope to get it eventually.

Tomorrow I want to get the housework finished so I can enjoy my Saturday.
It's supposed to be beautiful - 70 degrees.
I would like to go shopping for Caroline's Easter shoes and an Easter outfit for me.
I bought a white skirt with black embroidery at Ross but I've decided to take it back.

I also need to start thinking about what I'm going to get for Caroline's basket.
I normally have it all purchased by now but I've been buying clothes and put it off.
I want to get her something she asked for. I'm afraid to say it 'cause she reads my blog!

Hope your Friday is a happy one!

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kristina proffitt said...

Isn't Jennifer fabulous and SO creative? LOVE that girl! :) Have a happy day! :)