Friday, April 10, 2009

It's a very Good Friday.

We have had the most incredible day.
First, we went to see the new Hannah Montana movie.
It was delightful.

Then we went to my favorite restaurant - Mr. Gatti's Pizza.

Tonight, we had a special Good Friday service and Caroline was baptized!!

I am so excited. I didn't get a good picture but one of the Pastors I work for got it on video.
We went out to dinner with Grandma and MeMa afterward to Cheddars.
Caroline and I shared a yummy Strawberry Daiquiri (non-alcoholic, of course!).
I also had the most heavenly onion rings ever. Wow.

Mostly I'm thankful for the sacrifice that my precious Lord made on the cross.
I am praising Him today for all He has done for us so that we might live eternally.
I don't want to forget the pain He endured.
I'm looking forward to Sunday to celebrate His resurrection!

Tomorrow morning is our big Easter Egg Hunt Extravaganza. We're giving away a Wii!
Can't wait for the fun to start. I have a new outfit for my cutie.

Happy Easter Weekend!


Jill LaFaye said...

Congratulations Caroline..what a special day! I am so proud of you:)

Amy said...

How wonderful! There couldn't be a more precious holiday than when children are involved in the tradition...

I found out I was pregnant nine years ago on Easter. Since then, every Easter means so much, but it still can't compare to the sacrifice our Lord and Savior made for us. Happy Easter!

Oh - btw, can you elaborate on the easter egg hunt? Our church wants to do one next year, but we need some good ideas. You come from a really great church... can you elaborate???

Ivana Clay said...

Congrats to Caroline on her baptism!!! What a blessed day! :)

You are cracking me up that Mr. Gatti's is your favorite restaurant! I have another friend who loves that place too, and it just always makes me smile for some reason!

Can't wait to see some Easter pics! Have a great Tuesday!