Wednesday, April 15, 2009

my funny kid

First, Happy Birthday to my adorable friend, Amanda Brinkley-Westerbeck. Love you!

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Okay, I am cracking up right now.
I had totally forgotten that Caroline had her own blog.
I just stopped by to read it and she is amazing.
All on her own, she figured out how to post craft instructions.
She has a different craft in each post.
I've never even shown the kid how to copy and paste but apparently, she figured it out!

And she said things like, "Sorry I havented posted in a while! It's strange having a blog when I'm kinda new to the process. Here's a craft to say I'm sorry."

New to the process???? She sounds like a forty-year old. Yep. She's 8, going on 40.
I guess that's the reader in her. She's a voracious reader, like her Mama.

Wow. It's fun when something surprises you.

So Amy asked about our Egg Hunt - this part's for her.
Amy, basically we hit up all the major stores around town, asking for donations.
This year, we started in February.
You would not believe the items that we had donated.
I actually did not help with this huge undertaking this year because the Pastor in charge is the only one I don't work for. I work for 3 Pastors now, instead of 4. I had to cut back. Seriously.

But I helped her last year so I know the process.
We write letters, telling them about our goals/mission and ministries.
Then she hand delivers them to the managers/owners and asks for donations.
We advertise in the newspaper, radio PSA spots (free), marquee on our sign, etc.
We have a daily tv show where we had a commercial spot.
We had a pretty good turnout, about 200 people, I think.
Once the people are there, we have:

- hot dogs/drinks
- face painting
- the egg hunt
- a puppet show telling them about Jesus
- a little intro from our Pastors about our church
- the Giveaway!

See, we make them stay til the end for the stuff. LOL
This year, we had 2 Playstations, one I-Pod Shuffle and a Wii donated.
Actually, I think we bought the Wii with fundraiser money.
We sold candy bars after service and one week had a spaghetti dinner.

Let me know if you have any more questions!
We had a lot of visitors Sunday so I think some of them might have been due to it.
Which is awesome!

Hope your week is going good.
Blog ya later.

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Amy said...

Wow, what an Easter Egg Hunt!! That sounds like a lot of work, and a lot of fundraisers and a lot of FUN!

I can see, with four pastors, how you might want to take a "back seat" to the planning of the festivities, though...!

Thanks for sharing! I so love your blog, it's truly wonderful!