Thursday, May 28, 2009


Okay I've posted like 4 times in a row and hardly anyone has said a word.
Are you all facebooking? LOL

I have a layout to share but my silly husband hooked up my scanner wrong when we moved my computer.
I also have about 6 cards I made with the scraps.
Really, I do!

I'll nag him Friday night and see if he can make it work.
That'll be the first opportunity.

I have enjoyed being scrappy this week.
I'm planning my next project.
It's a mini-album about my Dad.

Let me get your advice.
I have about 15 good pictures of my Dad. Total. I know. Not many.
He passed away in 1992, at age 49.

I made this list called "things I loved about Daddy."
I REALLY love this list. I put a LOT of thought into it.
So I thought instead of making a layout that tells about where he grew up, etc.
I would make this 6x6 album about all the things I loved about him and expound on each one.
I thought I would use pretty much all the pics I have of him and add some of his hobbies.
Things he built, etc.

But one reason I haven't done it is because I'm wondering if I will regret using most of my stash of pictures of him on one project.
Now up to now, I haven't made one single solitary page about him ever.
My child doesn't even know about him.
That makes me really sad as I type that. (Tears in eyes, sad.)
I want her to really KNOW him. His personality. What he was like.
Thus the mini-album.

Do you think I'll regret using all my pics of him or should I just be happy that I'm making this mini-album and know that I have something important scrapped about him? The list has about 20 things and I don't even have that many pictures. I guess if I really got the itch to scrap something else about him in the future, I could just use a picture again, right?

I do have some childhood pics of him that I'm not using. Maybe a couple others from my wedding too.

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Tammy Batson said...

I think you should go for it! Do the mini album all about your list ... and I don't think you will regret it ... you can always use the same pics in other things ... but YOUR feelings about him in this album I think would be perfect! ... just me 2 cents ... =0)