Tuesday, May 19, 2009

hi bloggerville!

So I had this really fun, long post typed last night and something went wrong and Blogger deleted it.
Don't you hate it when that happens?

We just got back from our homeschool graduation/promotion ceremony.
Caroline got a certificate of promotion, although we won't be done with school until June 12th.
I wish we were done now.
I need a break as much as she does. (Maybe more.)

We went to Cracker Barrel for some veggies afterward. Yummy, as always.

I just got home and realized I forgot to tape The Mentalist. Argghh! Hate that!
It's one of the few shows they don't have on cbs.com.
Hopefully my friend Jennifer has it on DVR.

Wow....isn't this blog post fascinating so far? hehe

I'm getting ready to put my deposit down on our Disney trip.
Like in 2 minutes.
It kinda freaks me out.
So. much. money.
And it is all up to me to save it.

We're going in October but I have to have it paid off by September 1st or so.
The pressure!!!!

I'm headed there now. I hope the website works right.

Happy Tuesday! Hope yours was a good one.

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Tammy Batson said...

The Mentalist was the finale ... yikes! Hope you find it ... it was very good and involved Red John ... have a great summer! Hopefully we can catch up and do the park thing! =0) t