Monday, May 18, 2009

just another manic Monday

Today was crazy!!!

Caroline and I stayed up much too late last night, looking up things on YouTube.
(I'm addicted.)
Then for some strange reason, she woke me up at the crack of dawn.
Okay, actually it was about 9 am but it seemed like the crack of something.

I was so sleepy I couldn't think straight for most of the morning.
I rushed to get ready for her Girl Scouts meeting. It was the end of the year party.
On the way out the door, I dropped my camera on my foot and almost broke it.
My foot - not my camera.
It hurt like the dickens!!

We cleaned out the toy closet last night (under the stairs) and dust went a flyin'.
Caroline got the bright idea to sit in the empty closet today and do her school work.
I vacummed it last night but there's must have been a lot of dust left because she started sneezing and couldn't stop.
She must have sneezed 100 times today.
All the way to Girl Scouts. All the way home. All the way to Kroger to buy Airborne.
I've been doping her up on allergy meds and Airborne and she's finally getting better.

Tonight we had our first bible study session for Beth Moore's Esther series.
It was awesome!!
Now my eyes are so tired I'm barely alive but I thought I'd check in here.

Tomorrow Mike is off to get some chores done around the house.
Actually outside the house.
I've got to fill the toy closet back up with all the toys, after I swiffer them all. LOL
I also need to put away clean laundry, clean the kitchen and clean the bathrooms.
Mike and I are singing at our homeschool graduation ceremony tomorrow night.
Looking forward to it.

Well, that's my crazy life!
I'm glad today's over!

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