Saturday, May 30, 2009


Okay...tomorrow is my scrap day - Sunday afternoon, to be specific.
I want to do this mini-album about my Dad.

Things I Loved About Daddy

I've decided on 6x6 because I have numerous empty 6x6 albums.
Here's the scheme I am thinking of using...

The yellow indicates where the picture will be.
I want to keep this super simple.
I think I will pick out a pretty palette of cardstock colors and use them.
Like muted blues, greens, yellow and a red, maybe brown.
The journaling blocks will be white with a kraft border above and below.

I'm trying to decide how to spice it up a little more though.
I'm posting here so I can let it brew in my mind.
I really don't want to use patterned paper. I want to focus on the story.
How about 3 buttons on the far right bottom of the pic? Like old looking buttons.
I'm thinking out loud. I could move the buttons for variety. Or do brads.



Ivana Clay said...

I like the layout you have chosen! And think the book is an awesome idea! :) Hope you got lots done today!

Amy said...

Tracie, I love this! If you want to make it more personal, less stark or formal, maybe if you incorporated a little bit of your own handwriting in it.

If you're like me, and FEARFULLY AFRAID of my handwriting, then possibly take ONE WORD of the title, for example, the word "hobbies" from your example above, and making that your handwritten word. Not only will it personalize your scrapbook, but give others the feeling that you poured your heart out in this book.

Just a thought! Can't wait to see your book all together!!

traci in virginia said...

On your last post you were worried about using all your pictures. Is this b/c you don't want to use them all in one project OR b/c you only have one copy of each. I would just make copies of each picture and go for it. Then you will still have copies if you decide to do something else in the future.
Can't wait to see the finished product!