Thursday, May 07, 2009

photo update!!!

Hi! I spent 15 hours editing pictures on my computer this week.
I'm finally down to a reasonable number - about 300.
I burned about 10 cd's worth of pictures and made index prints so I could see what I have.
I thought I'd share a few with you so here goes!

Caroline got baptized on Good Friday. Here she is being baptized and the next pic is just before...
Daddy let her ride on the lawn mower this week (blade up) and she had a blast! Her expressions were priceless.

My birthday was April 26th and this is one of my favorite gifts. A new scrap tote from Hobby Lobby! (Thanks for the gift card, Tiffany!)

I finally found the tins I've been wanting for my desk.
The best part - they were $1 each at Target!
Tiffany came down two days after my birthday and we had a girls day out with my sister.
We headed to Loveless Cafe. It is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!! (Sorry I didn't call you Tammy B.!)
It is my new favorite place in life. I will be going there often.
It used to be a motel but is now a cafe and a lot of celebrities eat there. It's a popular tourist spot as well.
We breezed right in and were seated by Carol Fay, the biscuit lady. (I saw her on Martha recently.)
They have several adorable gift shops in what used to be the motel rooms.
Some of them were even the little cottage style rooms.
I love it! It reminds me of something out of my Nancy Drew books.
The last pic in this group is Caroline at Christie Cookies in Green Hills. Couldn't resist that prop.

My bushes in full Spring bloom!
They're almost all green now.

Caroline and her friend, Kenzie at Monsters and Aliens, 3D. They loved it! It was Kenzie's first 3D movie. She was happier than she looks here. LOL

Well that it's for now. I'll share Easter pics the next time.

Tomorrow we're headed out for another girls day to Madison, AL to a women's conference.
Hope I can find a Michaels and a restaurant we don't have around here.
Happy Friday!


Ivana Clay said...

Love all the pics! Sounds like you had a great b-day! :) Have a fun weekend!

*Heather said...

Love your scrap space Tracie! I so thought about getting those tins just for my space too! And am so jealous about you going to Loveless! We ate there last year on our way through to Kansas City and it was to die for! NEed to get back there sometime! And happy late birthday!