Friday, May 01, 2009

so many pictures, so little time

I don't know how I get so behind on life.
I really don't.
One day of putting something off turns into 40.

Case in point...I haven't edited or printed any digital pictures since May 2008!
That is not like me.
I used to be totally neurotic about keeping my pictures printed.

Then I got my little Epson Picturemate.
The choices are so varied of what size to print pictures that I didn't want to print 4x6 anymore.
I want to wait until I'm ready to do my layout to print my pictures.

Having that mindset, I now have about 2,500 pictures from the past year that I need to print.
My computer is going slow and I'm worried that it might crash and that would be BAD.

So last night, I spent 5 hours editing pics and burning them to cd's.
I got it down to about 1,100.

I enjoyed looking at them all but I cannot let myself get so behind again.
I used to diligently edit and burn cd's on the last day of the month.
I must get on schedule with that again.
I need another 5-hour session to get caught up. Maybe Sunday night while I watch tv.

So how do you handle so many digital pictures? Does it make you feel overwhelmed?

What do you do with an event that you love 100 pictures from?
I went to the Zoo and I honestly have 100 GREAT pictures I want to print.
What's a girl to do?


Renee said...

Tracie, do you know how much I love you???? Do ya? Seriously. I have been freaking out cuz I haven't printed pics since December 2008 and then come out and admit to being behind too. I am gonna bust it out tonight and get them burned to disc to print! UGH,,,just realized why I was waiting...I can't find a years worth of matching photo albums that I like that aren't a zillion dollars. I lucked out last time at Ross, but nothing lately. Oh well, if I print it, they will come!

Love you and hope to see you Tuesday!

Ivana Clay said...

I am in the same boat, only I hate to admit that I have pictures all the way back from my first pregnancy three years ago that need to be printed and at least put into an album until I can scrap them. It is an easy thing to put off. I even have the Canon Selphy printer sitting in the box...brand new, never even used it!! What a slacker I am! I have the ability to print them off from home, I just don't make the time!

Good luck finishing up on yours. :)