Thursday, June 11, 2009

last week

Last week was a whirlwind!
Monday night I went to Jenni's to pack kits.
Tuesday, Jennifer Webb and the girls and I went to the pool and scrap store in Lebanon.
Wednesday I worked at the church from 9 am to 11 pm!!!!
Thursday I tried to clean but I was exhausted! Didn't get much done.
Friday, Tiffany and Brooke (her boyfriend's daughter) came down from Bowling Green.
We went to the downtown Library, out to eat, to Dragon Park and Scrappucino. We had a blast!
Here's a review in pictures....

The Don Fox Community Park in Lebanon has a fabulous playground and FREE splash pool.
Our girls absolutely love it. I thought I was going to get heat stroke. LOL

Here's Caroline at one of her favorite places - the downtown Nashville Library. Love it! Caroline loves her new little friend, Brooke. She is a doll and was very enjoyable to be around.
My honey-bun, Tiffany (we call her Tiff-Tiff) and Brooke. Doesn't Tiffany look great? She is very happy.
My favorite room at the Library - the Civil Rights Room. Caroline already knows about Civil Rights and we always discuss it more when we visit this place. We need to remember this.

One of my favorite spots - outside the Children's Theater in the Library.
at her favorite park - Dragon Park (otherwise known as Fannie Mae Dees Park) her expression...
even hot and sweaty and with messy hair, she's still beautiful to me!
Blog ya later!


April said...

looks like a fun day. I see why you love the splash park, it's amazing, like the kind you get on vacations and I can not believe it's FREE, Wow. Does Tenn offer lots of nice parks and things for the kids?
We have a splash park--(a tube with water spraying out of the top and not much room) but it's like $9 a kid, I still have not gone to it.

Ivana Clay said...

Great pics! Looks like you all had a blast! :)

Unknown said...

You are a very busy girl! Love all the pictures.