Thursday, June 18, 2009

time for another picture update!

Well I guess I only have time to blog once a week.
I have been working myself crazy getting Caroline's room organized.
I will post pictures when it's "done." Still looking for the perfect matelasse coverlet.
I've taken back two to Home Goods. One was too busy, the other just plain strange.
I need a solid pink or green. I've spent about $100 just on organizing bins but it was worth it!

Here are some pictures from last Sunday night. We went to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.
Caroline had a b-l-a-s-t. I think it's the most fun I've ever seen her have there.

It was little Elianna Brown's third birthday. Isn't that cake fabulous?
Here's Caroline and the birthday girl...(what's with that cheesy grin?)...
Still lovin' the Carousel - not too big yet (thankfully)...
The best part - cake! Or in this case - cupcakes for the kids.
My next to favorite shot of the night - it is so "party/little kid fun/Chuck E. Cheese"....
Now here's my favorite memory...Caroline played this game where you hit the spinner and when it stops, if you stop it on a certain place, you can get boatloads of tickets. She's never won before but...
She won! And right as she turned around to tell me - I got it! She said, "Mama I won!!!"
Hope your week is going great!
I'll actually be glad when this week is over.
I've had two deaths to contend with this week - my Aunt passed away and my former Pastor's wife.
Very, very sad. My Mom has been quite upset all week.
I have one more memorial service to attend tomorrow and then back to my normal life.
How's that for ending a happy post on a sad note? :0 Sorry! ya later...

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doris sander said...

wow! you got some great pics inside chuck e cheese!