Sunday, August 16, 2009

the deal of the century

I am tickled pink.
I found 3 Martha Stewart DVD's at Dollar General, on clearance for 90 cents each!
I almost bought these same DVD's recently at full price!! Like $15 each!

One is about Thanksgiving, one about Christmas and one about Family Dinners.

Here's a strange fact about me.
Before I had Caroline, I used to tape Martha every day and watch it when I got off work.
It was my happy time.
This was "pre-scrapbooking" so Martha was my obsession.
I used to have an extensive VHS collection of taped shows but I finally got rid of them.
Now I kinda regret that. I miss having them. These DVD's will help fill the void.
I still absolutely love her but I don't care for her new show.

I like the theme song of the old one. The tranquility of it. Anyone remember?
I liked it best when it first started and it was actually at her house.
But the neighbors complained so she built a studio nearby.

The show that comes on now with a live audience is just totally different.
I liked it when it was just HER talking and you felt like she was at home, talking to you.
That woman taught me so much. Things my Mother never taught me.

I don't actually garden but I know a lot about it because of Martha.
I never bake but if I wanted to, I know how. I even have a Kitchenaid mixer because of her. LOL! took me back a bit. I sat and watched the videos and smiled.
Caroline loved them too. The crafty parts.
Check out your DG if you're interested!

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