Saturday, August 01, 2009

from last night's crop...

I've had this layout planned for about a year!
Trying to get my most important thoughts scrapped (click to read journaling).
I've been writing in a journal at night. I write all the things I feel in my heart.
Then when I have time to scrap, that's my first source. Stories first, pictures second.
That's my scrap motto right now. Although I have plenty of pics I want to scrap too!

I have boo-koos (not a real word) of American Crafts that needs to be used.
This pattern is from the Craft Fair line - love it!
I punched all the squares after printing and then pieced it all together.

I hope to scrap tomorrow, after church.
I want to do a hodge-podge type mini-album about our activities this Summer - few though they were!
I also need to work on Caroline's 2nd and 3rd grade school pages.
That's probably what I'll do tomorrow.

Happy weekend!


kristina proffitt said...

That layout is BEAUTIFUL, Tracie!
My new favorite of yours! What a cool idea! LOVE it! :-D Have a blessed Sunday!

jawebbtn said...

Love it! It is one of my favorites! Hope you keep that mojo going for today!

margaret said...

Love the whole idea behind this layout Tracie. And I just love the design of it too! Hope you're doing good these days! :)

Anonymous said...

Love, love this layout. Want to lift it if you don't mind. Miss you! We must do something soon!