Tuesday, August 11, 2009

gift for a friend

I'm trying to post something creative every day. Sound good?
Of course, that will require that I DO something creative every day!
Sounds good to me!

One of my favorite people at church turned 50 this past Sunday.
Her family had a surprise birthday party for her.
I had been meaning to sit down and make her a set of cards all week and never found the time.
So after lunch Sunday, I rushed home and starting making 8 cards for a set, but I ran out of time after these four!
Because I was in a hurry...these aren't my favorite cards I've ever made.
I did like the final presentation.
I love American Crafts ribbon. You could wrap that around anything and make it look good...Inside, I put sentiments like "thinking of you" and "just because."
She's one of our Elders and often receives requests to pray for people in our church.
She loved them and a few people seemed surprised that I was "crafty." LOL! I hide it well, apparentely.
I was glad I had a chance to use some of those sticker tapes I had been hoarding for ages!

So there ya have it.
Today I made a new card. It's my new fave and I will share it tomorrow.
It's for Sherri's birthday tomorrow and I don't want to post it until after I give it to her.

Have a happy day!

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