Thursday, August 13, 2009

more little happies

I'm cleaning off my desk and keep running across things I want to share with you.
Check out these other little happies I found...

I know it's still Summer but I couldn't resist these delightful Christmas epoxy stickers at Joann last week for $2.
This is my very favorite Christmas line ever, Swell Noel by K&Company. I have almost the whole line.
Love this little stamp I got at Michaels yesterday for only $1! I've been wanting something like this.
I used chalk ink by Colorbox to practice with it and I love how dark it stamped.

Now check out this stash! I found an awesome
My friend Jennifer split an order with me to help with the $8 shipping.
I got all of these items for $1 each!!!! I just keep looking at them (enlarge pic to see).
I'm leaving them on my desk and I'm going to challenge myself to use something in this stack this weekend.
Check out this delightful set of note cards from a magazine I bought.
I bought the cloud paper at Michaels (American Crafts) and found these cute little owl stickers to use!
They are the .99 cent line at Michaels but sometimes they run them on sale for .88!
I want to make a BUNCH of these and keep a stash so you might be seeing these in your own mailbox soon from me. :)
Last but not least....I joined recently and was able to get all 3 of these books I've been wanting for FREE.
All you do is put some books online that you want to get rid of and for each 10 you upload, you get 3 free credits.
Then when someone requests your book, you send it and pay the shipping yourself.
I've sent out about 5 books for about $2 shipping each and I've gotten about $100 books in return.
These three will be good "before bed" reading. Love, love, love Joyce Meyer.
Just some little happies. It seems like I've been shopping a lot lately but it doesn't add up to much.
I'm going back to cleaning my desk now and watching Tango & Cash on ion. ha!
(I love action movies, did you know that? Strange for a girl, I know.)
I worked all day at the church. I'm vewy tired. :) Too tired to do much else.

Blog ya later!


Unknown said...

cute stuff!

Ivana Clay said...

I am lovin' all the scrappin' goodies. I need to get with it and clean off my own desk, but alas I never make the time! Oh well!