Wednesday, August 12, 2009

new happies

Had a great lunch today with Sherri and Michelle, in honor of Sherri's birthday.
We went to El Chico and had some sour-cream chicken enchiladas and guacamole. Yummy.
Here's the card I made her. It's my new fave.
I need to use up my buttons so I'll be making more of these.

After lunch, I stopped by Michaels and snagged this punch I've been wanting FOREVER!
(It's your fault, Doris - you just HAD to show me yours!!!)
I actually went there earlier and it was the only one left so I hid it!! ha-ha-ha-ha!!
Went back with my 50% off coupon and it's mine...all mine!
(Same day. Forgot it the first time and was in a hurry to get CC to the Dr.)
I sat and played with my new stamp set tonight.
This is NOT a card I made. I just laid these on there so you can see how cute they are.
Look how cute these are!! I love 'em. The best $12 I ever spent. LOL
Okay...probably won't have anything creative to share tomorrow because I'm working all day.
Blog ya later!

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Amanda said...

darn you guys! i cannot believe you went to eat and didn't tell me since it was so darn close and i was at toys r us at lunch today too! so close yet so far away.
love the card :)