Tuesday, September 15, 2009

happy Tuesday!

Hi blogger friends.
Been keepin' busy as always.
Last week was my 18th wedding anniversary. (Just saying that makes me feel old.)
Among other things, Mike got me a Michaels gift card. Fitting, no? :)
After a couple of trips, I finally decided on some Martha stamps I'd been eyeing.
I have all these blank journaling cards to use on my layouts and my handwriting's messy.
So I was thinking if I could find a tiny font, I could stamp my journaling.
Neurotic, yes? Yes!

So I really like the font on these but they don't want to hold the ink very good!
I tried chalk ink, pigment ink and Staz-On. Staz-On gave me the best results but I only have black.
Here's the results with the Staz-On. This is still not really as crisp as I'd like...(just testing them here)...
Now here's an actual journaling sheet using the stamps and Colorbox Cat's Eye Pigment Ink...See how grungy the stamped image is? Would that bother you? I guess I'll learn to live with it.
I have gotten pretty good at stamping and I usually get a better image, even with acrylic.
Okay the other bone I have to pick about these is the packaging.
Most letter stamps are cut right around the letter and they're easy to pick off the plastic.
Check these out! I had to literally pull apart each letter and some of them ripped.Now they won't go back in place, of course, so I just stuck them to the outside of the box (see back of this pic).
I guess I'll be putting them in the drawer like this...highly irritating!If you have any advice for making these work better - SHARE!

While at Michaels, I snagged this Making Memories journaling book for $2.50 with my coupon! (Happy dance!)This is exactly the kind of thing I want to use these stamps on.

In other news, I cleaned out my fridge and freezer last week since they were both disgusting!
There was so much old stuff in the fridge that when I got done - it looked like this. ha!I still haven't replenished it. Going to do that tomorrow, hopefully.

Here's one more cute pic I have to share.
Caroline in her white sundress, playing with her DS. I'm making an album called PLAY and this pic will work great for it.

Peace out! Blog ya later!


Sarah said...

CD cases make perfect storage units for clear stamps. (Pop the inner piece out.)

How did I miss your blog posts. Had to go back and read like 4 entries. What's up with that?

Anyway. I admire you for resigning your church position. It takes guts to know when there's too much on your plate and do something about it. Good for you!

Betty said...

Hey Tracie,

Love this pic of Caroline!!!

Great to see you and Tiffany at CKC even though it was a quick hello! It's been a long time since the scrappin days at the Memory Box.....

Linda.B said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the Making Memories journal book. I will have to see if my Michael's has it.

Claudean said...

Hi Tracie, it was good to see you today and sorry about Carolines class getting canceled. She sure has grown. here is my blog addy if you want to check out my cards.
Hope to scrap with you soon.

Sherri said...

rub an eraser over your acrylic stamps to prime them. see if that helps.
can you make my fridge look like that?