Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's almost the weekend!

Which really doesn't mean much for me since I stay home to do school and work,
maybe I can fit in some scrapping since I won't have to do school for two days.

I got the November CK in the mail today.
That's just weird!
I'm not ready for November magazines. That scares me.

In other news, I'm walking one mile a day to get ready for Disney World.
It about kills me in the first part but then I'm okay towards the end.
Mike walks with me even though he's already worked out for an hour before he comes home.
I love that man.

I got a happy from the FedEx guy today - my new point and shoot camera!
I've decided my Rebel is just too large to carry all over Disney World.
So I did a LOT of research and bought this snappy new camera. Yay!
The video is awesome! I'll post one soon.
It has some pretty amazing technology. Love it!!!
The color is the best part - it's a vintage/apple green which is just like the walls in Mike's studio.Gotta go get the girl in bed.
Blog ya later!


Anonymous said...

That's the same camera Micaiah just bought for herself! She's been saving up since Easter for it! I'm so proud of her! It is easy to use and takes really great photos! You'll love it!

Kellie said...

Cute camera! I love it!!

Enjoy your weekend! Your walking now will pay off when you get to Disney World. Have a wonderful trip!